Lum Ed’ards

Lum is quite the entrepreneur and has held a variety of positions over the years. He also fancies himself a philosopher and is able to come up with an ol’ Ed’ards sayin’ appropriate for just about any circumstance.

Lum’s Resume

  • Co-owner and proprietor of the Jot ‘Em Down store (and usually manager)
  • Jestice of the Peace of Cloverleaf Township
  • President of the School Board (but had to run for this office every year, and didn’t always get elected)
  • King of the Hogs
  • Manager of the Pine Ridge Planetarium Pitcher Show
  • Sunday School teacher
  • Head Librararian of the Pine Ridge Library (housed in the Jot ‘Em Down store)
  • Head Astronomer and President of the Ed’ards Memorial Observatory
  • High Supreme Loyal Counselor of the Lodge
  • Notary Public
  • Movin’ Pitcher Actor
  • Scientifics (“Call me Perfessor E’dards.”)
  • President and Cashier of the Pine Ridge United Bank (housed in the Jot ‘Em Down Store)
  • Head Chef of the Pine Ridge Bakery (housed in the Jot ‘Em Down Store)
  • Harbinger of Truth and Circulation Manager for Diogenes Smith
  • Air Raid Warden
  • Head Publisher of the Ed’ards & Ed’ards Publishin’ Company, Incorporated (housed in the feed room of the Jot ‘Em Down Store)
  • Barbarian and Shampooist at Ed’ards Deluxe Tonsorial Parlor (housed in the Jot ‘Em Down Store)
  • Bon Mot: Women’s Hat Designer
  • Hotel Manager of the Mountain View Inn
  • Lumburger King and Cookin’ Chief of the Meadowlark Restaurant (housed in the Jot ‘Em Down Store)
  • President and Program Director of Radio Station VPR (housed in the Jot ‘Em Down Store)

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