Abner Peabody

Abner is a family man; husband of ‘Lizabeth and papa to Little Pearl. He tends to be a literal thinker, often not understanding Lum’s more fanciful “ol’ Ed’ards sayin’ses.” He has gray hair and blue eyes. He wears spectacles.

The Peabodys live in the white house north of the Quincys; the one with the big sycamore tree in the front yard. Abner’s 60-acre farm adjoins Lum’s. Dead Stump Hill is behind Abner’s place.

Abner’s Resume

  • Co-owner and proprietor of the Jot ‘Em Down store
  • Usually vice-president of whatever Lum was president of
  • Constable in 1932
  • Candidate for sheriff in 1934
  • Deputy town marshal
  • Assistant air raid warden
  • Attorney at law in the Cedric Wehunt v. Winifred Redfield breach of promise suit
  • Secretary of the Golden Era Discussion Club
  • Vice President in Charge of Vice Presidents of the Pine Ridge Synthetic Rubber Corporation
  • Head Office Manager of the Pine Ridge Synthetic Rubber Corporation
  • Co-chairman of Pine Ridge War Savings Staff
  • Assistant dental assistant (with Lum being Dr. Snide’s assistant)

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