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Lum and Abner Abroad (1956)

Lum and Abner Abroad was Lum and Abner’s final movie. It is strangely set in Europe, and was apparently originally meant to be a television series. It is an hour and 13 minutes long and is embedded here from YouTube. Enjoy!

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Pine Ridge in 1992

My first visit to Pine Ridge was in May 1992. Lyle and I were visiting my grandparents who lived near Mulberry, Arkansas. We invited them to go with us to find the Jot ‘Em Down Store.

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Ol’ Ed’ards Sayin’ses

Lum fancied himself a philosopher and was able to come up with an ol’ Ed’ards sayin’ appropriate for just about any circumstance.

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Dick’s Store

“Dick’s Store is more than just a store; it is the hub of all activity in the community, a gathering place for those tired souls who can find a few spare moments from their daily routine to hear the news of the outside world.”

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Dick Huddleston

“Dick is one feller that’s made a turible suksess of hissef. He keeps the best store they are in this end of the county and on top of that he’s the postmaster.”

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Pine Ridge Post Office

The Pine Ridge Post Office was housed in the back corner of Dick Huddleston’s Store. This old time post office was in operation until very recently. The post office still has Postal Guide Books dating back to the 1920s.

Lum and Abner and Their Friends from Pine Ridge
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Friends from Pine Ridge

This little booklet was published in about 1932, early in the series, before the characters were fully developed.

Pine Ridge post office
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Fan Fiction

Years ago I was part of a Yahoo group of Lum and Abner fans. Several of us tried our hands at a writing a series of “fan fiction” episodes based on the premise that the old fellows had just got their first computer. I wrote Episode 5, in which Grandpap reads his email–out loud, of course–the way he always read the Almanac.

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Pine Ridge in 2022

We visited Pine Ridge in June 2022 and had the privilege of going through the Jot ‘Em Down Store (aka Dick Huddleston’s store) and the Lum and Abner Museum.

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Pine Ridge in 1943

“A rambling reporters goes sightseeing in Pine Ridge, Arkansas, where most of the original characters used in Lum and Abner radio programs still live much as they do in the Pine Ridge of the air.”