Grandpappy Spears

Grandpappy’s real name is Milford Avery Spears. His woman is known as Aunt Charity. According to one episode in 1932 Grandpap has lived in Pine Ridge for more’n 60 years, ever since the Civil War. Another episode, also in 1932, reports that he is 87 years old. (Scripts for these episodes are in Lum & Abner: Rural America and the Golden Age of Radio.) Grandpap’s birthday is March 2.

Grandpap and Aunt Charity have a son named Cecil who lives at Star Route, Ada, Oklahoma. Cecil sharecrops his father-in-law’s place.

Grandpap’s nephew, Luke, runs the lunchroom in Pine Ridge. He and his woman have nine young’uns.

Grandpap likes to play checkers with Abner, and read aloud from the Almanac in the Jot ‘Em Down Store. His main job is telegraph delivery boy for the rare telegraphs that come in at Dick Huddleston’s store.

This profile is from Lum and Abner and Their Friends From Pine Ridge.

Grandpappy Spears

Grandpap’s Resume

  • Telegraph Delivery Boy
  • Clerk of Court in the Cedric Wehunt v. Winifred Redfield breach of promise suit
  • Vice President in Charge of Mixing and Cooking of the Pine Ridge Synthetic Rubber Corporation
  • Vice President in Charge of the Secret Way of Making the Rubber of the Pine Ridge Synthetic Rubber Corporation

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