Cedric Weehunt

Cedric is a cheerful, child-like young man. According to Pine Ridge News, Spring 1936, he had just celebrated his “fifth” birthday on February 29, 1936, which would mean he was born on February 29, 1916. He was “over 21 now” on Election Day in 1944, as that was to be his first time to vote. However, in another episode in 1944 he “ain’t old enough to grow a beard.”

Cedric often talks about being in the Third Reader at school, though once he was promoted to the Fourth Reader, and was even in high school for a short time while his papa was president of the school board. He enjoys being the only scholar with a social see-curity card, for which his “little chums” admire him. His social security number is 565-14-5223 or 149-57-2009.

Cedric is 6’4″ tall (461001).

Simple though he may be, Cedric drives, owns a car, and holds down a job at the sawmill. He was making 20 cents an hour in 1940. He continued working there when it converted to a defense plant during the war. He lives with his papa (Caleb Weehunt) and mama and little sister, Luella.

Cedric’s Root Beer Stand

From January 22, 1946. Listen online.

Cedric: Mister Abner! Mister Abner!

Squire Skimp: Be with ya in a minute, Cedric.

Cedric: Oh. Thought you was Mister Abner.

Squire: What in the world have you got there, Cedric?

Cedric: Two glasses of root beer!

Squire: Root beer?!

Cedric: Huh-huh! Yes, mahm! Ice cold. Made it myself. Mama helped me. Where’s Mister Lum and Mister Abner at?

Squire: Well, Abner isn’t back from making his deliveries yet, Cedric. And Lum’s in the feed room lying down. He’s not feeling very well.

Cedric: Reckon he’d like some root beer? Home made?

Squire: No, I don’t b’lieve so, Cedric. It’s best not to bother him.

Cedric: Dog-gone it. I brung this over for him and Mister Abner to sample. See, I’m goin’ in business for myself.

Squire: Business?!

Cedric: Yes, mahm. I set up a little root beer stand out in front of our house. Ice cold root beer. Home made.

Squire: In this kind of weather?! Why, Cedric, it’s almost down to freezing!

Cedric: I know it. That’s why it’s ice cold.

Squire: Why, you won’t do a nickel’s worth of business, Cedric. Nobody puts up a cold-drink stand in the dead of winter.

Cedric: Well, that’s why I done it. No compy-tition.

Squire: Ha! Ha! Ha! I see!

Cedric: I figgered that out all by myself. And Papa’s proud of me for doin’ it.

Squire: I’m not surprised.

Cedric: He said I was gettin’ to be more of a dunderhead ever’ day. Mister Squire, what is a dunderhead?

Squire: Why… well, it’s… uh… whatever you think it is, Cedric, my boy.

Cedric: That’s what I thought! Boy!!

This profile is from Lum and Abner and Their Friends From Pine Ridge.

Cedric’s Resume

  • Vice President in Charge of Stretch Berries and Sweet Gum of the Pine Ridge Synthetic Rubber Corporation

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