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Abner Peabody

Abner is a family man; husband of ‘Lizabeth and papa to Little Pearl. He tends to be a literal thinker, often not understanding Lum’s more fanciful “ol’ Ed’ards sayin’ses.”

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Lum Ed’ards

Lum is quite the entrepreneur and has held a variety of positions over the years. He also fancies himself a philosopher and is able to come up with an ol’ Ed’ards sayin’ appropriate for just about any circumstance.

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Cedric Weehunt

Cedric is a cheerful, child-like young man. I’ve never heard exactly how old he is, but he was “over 21 now” on Election Day in 1944, as that was to be his first time to vote.

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Dick Huddleston

“Dick is one feller that’s made a turible suksess of hissef. He keeps the best store they are in this end of the county and on top of that he’s the postmaster.”

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Grandpappy Spears

Grandpappy’s real name is Milford Avery Spears. His woman is known as Aunt Charity. He likes to play checkers with Abner, and read aloud from the Almanac in the Jot ‘Em Down Store.

Pearl Peabody
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Little Pearl

“This is Abner’s gurl, Pearl. She’s jist runnin’ on eighteen year old but has went plumb threw the fourth reader a’ready and made more headmarks than arry other scholar in the class.”

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Elizabeth Peabody

“Jist back’ards diff’rent from Sister Simpson is Abner’s woman, Elizabeth. She takes to work jist as willin’ as the ordinary run of wimen does to buyin’ a hat.”

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Pine Ridge Census

According to one episode of Lum & Abner, there were 607 families in Pine Ridge. These are names I’ve heard mentioned in various episodes.