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Photos from Pine Ridge 2022

A gallery of some of the photos I took on our visit to the Jot ‘Em Down Store and Lum and Abner Museum in June 2022.

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General Store Decor

Maybe you’d like your “farmhouse” to look a little more like an old-fashioned general store. Here are some fun decorative items to get you started.

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Feedsack Fabric

During the Depression and WWII years cotton feed sacks were a popular source of fabric for shirts, dresses, aprons, and children’s clothes. Today retro feed sack prints are popular with quilters.

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Vintage-Style Bluetooth Speakers

These aren’t really vintage radios. They look retro, but they are actually Bluetooth speakers, perfect for listening to your digital files of Old Time Radio episodes.

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Jigsaw Puzzles

Here is a curated collection of jigsaw puzzles featuring nostalgic images of general stores, small-town life, and country scenes to remind you of the era of Lum and Abner.

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Radio Station VPR

The radio station storyline actually ran two different times, with slight variations. The first one began on April 7, 1947. Lum and Abner recycled the plot beginning on February 17, 1953.

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Crossword Puzzle

This episode of Cedric and Abner working a crossword puzzle tickles me. I decided to try to recreate the crossword puzzle they are working but discovered that it’s harder than one might think.

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Cloverleaf Township School

The school plays an important role in the community. Lum is usually president of the school board and is generally in love with the female teachers. Cedric returns year after year, at least for a few weeks, to attempt to make progress through the Third Reader.

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Cedric Weehunt

Cedric is a cheerful, child-like young man. I’ve never heard exactly how old he is, but he was “over 21 now” on Election Day in 1944, as that was to be his first time to vote.

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Abner Peabody

Abner is a family man; husband of ‘Lizabeth and papa to Little Pearl. He tends to be a literal thinker, often not understanding Lum’s more fanciful “ol’ Ed’ards sayin’ses.”